Being in the Countertop business for over 25 years – a lot has changed!

Here’s what’s blowing in the wind (or so we’ve seen and heard) ~

The strongest trend hitting our market (The Midwest) is the Quartz craze! A product that provides the hard shiny effect of granite but with qualities of being non-porous (no need for sealants) and durability, it’s easy to see why homeowners are looking to quartz for their surface needs.
Although not commonly known here in the Midwest, this product comes in several thicknesses. The standard has been 3cm, however, in Europe and on the East and West coasts consumers are looking at different thicknesses to give them different design affects and options.


With the solid surface products, trends here are definitely leaning towards colors that have a “play” on stone. Corian’s Private Collection colors “fit” nicely in with consumers that don’t want hard shiny but rather a softer approach. These colors are unique and quite beautiful and with the solid surface products you are still able to have virtually maintenance free tops with quality products. As these tops are custom built you can also “play” on the thinner or thicker applications.